Thursday, February 5, 2015

Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management, 6th Edition by Donald Waters(Editor)

Book Title: Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management
Editor: Donald Waters
6th Edition

The field of logistics continues to develop at a remarkable pace. Until recently, logistics was barely considered in the long-term plans of even major companies, but its strategic role is now recognized and it lies at the heart of long-term plans in almost every business. There are many reasons for this change: communications and information technology are offering new opportunities; world trade is growing; competition is forcing operations to adopt new practices and become ever more efficient; and there is increasing concern for the environment. Add to this the increased emphasis on customer satisfaction, flexible operations and time compression, and it becomes clear why it is so important for organizations to get their logistics right.
From a truly international perspective, Global logistics provides a wealth of useful ideas and practical information on all the current and future trends in logistics and supply chain management. Written by a host of contributors who are acknowledged experts in their fields, this fully updated sixth edition focuses on areas of particular current interest, including: logistics in China, and Central and Eastern Europe; the improvement of communications and technology; humanitarian supply chains; internet trading; agile supply chains; performance measurement.

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